Daily Stock to Watch : 15 Feb: DCM SHRIRAM

From the last two months, the stock has been consolidating in a broader range of 330-350 along with DCM SHRIRAM buying at nick line levels. On the daily time frame, the stock has formed a head and shoulder pattern and has given a sharp pullback along with positive divergence on secondary indicators.

Additionally, the stock has also given a breakout above the falling Wedge pattern along with marginally higher volumes. Thus, we recommend buying Insecticides India around 620-621 for the target of 635-650, keeping stop loss below 604.

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Market Commentary

Yes Bank, Zeel, JSW Steel and Tata Motors were the top gainers, while IOC, BPCL, Hindalco, Bharti Airtel and Gail among major losers on the Nifty.

Among sectors, energy, IT and metal stocks witnessed selling pressure, while some buying interest seen in auto, bank, infra and Pharma sectors.

News Highlights

Sterlite Power Thursday said it has submitted bids for two storage projects in the recently concluded auction of Salt River Project utility in Arizona, USA.Bids have been submitted for a cumulative capacity of 400 mega watt (MW).

Lower inflation in fuel made India’s wholesale price inflation (WPI) cool to 2.76% in January from 3.8% in December, data released by the commerce and industry ministry on Thursday showed.

To Watch Daily Stock to Watch :  CapitalHeight

Stocks in news: Tech Mah, Bajaj Auto, GMR, NMDC, Wonderla, MOIL

Here are stocks that are in news today:

Results today:

Bajaj Auto   , NTPC   , Colgate Palmolive , Vedanta   , Dish TV , Eicher Motors   ,Grasim Industries

Tech Mahindra   Q2

-Constant currency growth at 5 percent QoQ

-Consolidated net profit down 19.2 percent at Rs 643.4 crore versus Rs 796.5 crore (QoQ) -Consolidated total income up 3.6 percent at Rs 7,167.4 crore versus Rs 6,921 crore (QoQ)

-Consolidated EBIT down 0.2 percent at Rs 825.4 crore versus Rs 827.3 crore (QoQ) -Consolidated EBIT margin at 11.50 percent versus 11.95 percent (QoQ)

-US dollar revenue at USD 1,072.4 million versus USD 1,031.5 million (QoQ)

Glenmark Q2

-Net profit up 10.9 percent at Rs 219.3 crore versus Rs 197.7 crore (YoY)

-Total income up 16.5 percent at Rs 2,224.1 crore versus Rs 1,909.4 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA up 11.7 percent at Rs 448.7 crore versus Rs 401.8 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA margin at 20.2 percent versus 21 percent (YoY)

Adlabs Entertainment   Q2
-Net loss at Rs 44 crore versus loss of Rs 35.4 crore (YoY)

-Total income up 6.5 percent at Rs 36.9 crore versus Rs 34.7 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA at Rs 1.1 crore versus loss of Rs 6.3 crore (YoY).

De Nora India   Q2

Net profit down 80.6 percent at Rs 0.6 crore versus Rs 3.1 crore (YoY)

-Total income down 37.1 percent at Rs 9 crore versus Rs 14.3 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA down 89.1 percent at Rs 0.5 crore versus Rs 4.6 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA margin at 5.6 percent versus 32.2 percent (YoY)

Sarla Performance Fibers   Q2

-Net profit up 3 percent at Rs 13.6 crore versus Rs 13.2 crore (YoY)

-Total income down 0.7 percent at Rs 81 crore versus Rs 81.6 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA unchanged at Rs 20.3 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA margin at 25.1 percent versus 24.9 percent (YoY)

Panasonic Energy India Q2

-Net profit up 2.7 percent at Rs 3.8 crore versus Rs 3.7 crore (YoY)

-Total income up 2.7 percent at Rs 65.4 crore versus Rs 63.7 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA down 3.6 percent at Rs 5.3 crore versus Rs 5.5 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA margin at 8.1 percent versus 8.6 percent (YoY)

Dalmia Bharat Sugar Q2

-Net profit at Rs 48.3 crore versus loss of Rs 5.1 crore (YoY)

-Total income up 59.9 percent at Rs 423 crore versus Rs 264.6 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA at Rs 81.4 crore versus Rs 20.2 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA margin at 19.2 percent versus 7.6 percent (YoY)

-Sugar sales volume up 5 percent at 1 lakh tonnes versus 0.95 lakh (YoY)

-Distillery sales volume up 121 percent (YoY)

GSK Pharma Q2

-Net profit up 3.5 percent at Rs 98.9 crore versus Rs 95.6 crore (YoY)

-Total income up 11.4 percent at Rs 799.1 crore versus Rs 717.5 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA up 9.9 percent at Rs 140.7 crore versus Rs 128 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA margin at 17.6 percent versus 17.8 percent (YoY)

JK Paper   Q2

-Net profit at Rs 44 crore versus Rs 18 crore (YoY)

-Total income up 14.6 percent at Rs 720.7 crore versus Rs 629 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA up 34 percent at Rs 139.1 crore versus Rs 103.8 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA margin 19.3 percent versus 16.5 percent (YoY)

Astec Life   Q2

-Net profit at Rs 11.2 crore versus Rs 2 crore (YoY)

-Total income up 31.4 percent at Rs 90.3 crore versus Rs 68.7 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA at Rs 23.3 crore versus Rs 10.2 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA margin at 23.3 percent versus 14.8 percent (YoY)

Kewal Kiran Clothing   Q2

-Net profit up 22.4 percent at Rs 29.5 crore versus Rs 24.1 crore (YoY)

-Total income up 9.2 percent at Rs 155.3 crore versus Rs 142.2 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA down 1.9 percent at Rs 36.9 crore versus Rs 37.6 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA margin at 23.8 percent versus 26.4 percent (YoY)

Cupid   Q2

-Net profit up 31.7 percent at Rs 5.4 crore versus Rs 4.1 crore (YoY)

-Total income up 40.8 percent at Rs 22.1 crore versus Rs 15.7 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA up 34.3 percent at Rs 9 crore versus Rs 6.7 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA margin at 40.7 percent versus 42.7 percent (YoY)

Wonderla Holidays  

Q2 -Net profit at Rs 2.9 crore versus Rs 11.9 crore (YoY)

-Total income up 16.2 percent at Rs 50.2 crore versus Rs 43.2 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA down 30.6 percent at Rs 10.2 crore versus Rs 14.7 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA margin at 20.3 percent versus 34 percent (YoY)

Zee Media   Q2

-Net profit at Rs 5.8 crore versus loss of Rs 1.5 crore (YoY)

-Total income down 1 percent at Rs 87.5 crore versus Rs 88.4 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA at Rs 16.4 crore versus Rs 4.1 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA margin 18.7 percent versus 4.6 percent (YoY)

Pricol   Q2

-Net profit at Rs 19.6 crore versus Rs 2.8 crore (YoY)

-Total income up 35.8 percent at Rs 333.3 crore versus Rs 245.5 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA at Rs 39.3 crore versus Rs 14.7 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA margin at 11.8 percent versus 6 percent (YoY)

EPC Industrie   Q2

-Net loss at Rs 1.1 crore versus loss of Rs 0.13 crore (YoY)

-Total income up 9.4 percent at Rs 45.3 crore versus Rs 41.4 crore (YoY)

JHS Svendgaard   Q2

-Net profit at Rs 1.3 crore versus loss of Rs 0.9 crore (YoY)

-Total income up 20.2 percent at Rs 30.9 crore versus Rs 25.7 crore (YoY)

Essel Propack   Q2

-Net profit up 27.3 percent at Rs 70.8 crore versus Rs 55.6 crore (YoY)

-Total income up 10.5 percent at Rs 596.1 crore versus Rs 539.1 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA up 1.7 percent at Rs 111.4 crore versus Rs 109.5 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA margin at 18.7 percent versus 20.3 percent (YoY)

Torrent Power   Q2

-Net profit down 41.9 percent at Rs 138.7 crore versus Rs 238.8 crore (YoY)

-Total income down 13.7 percent at Rs 2,675.7 crore versus Rs 3,099.1 crore (YoY) -EBITDA down 15.8 percent at Rs 640.9 crore versus Rs 761.2 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA margin at 24 percent versus 24.6 percent (YoY)

DCM Shriram   Q2

-Net profit up 48.1 percent at Rs 91.5 crore versus Rs 61.8 crore (YoY)

-Total income down 2.6 percent at Rs 1,446.2 crore versus Rs 1,484.2 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA up 13.7 percent at Rs 121.5 crore versus Rs 106.9 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA margin at 8.4 percent versus 7.2 percent (YoY)

Cholamandalam Invest Q2

-Consolidated net profit up 37.8 percent at Rs 167.7 crore versus Rs 121.7 crore (YoY) -Consolidated total income up 14.6 percent at Rs 1,172.2 crore versus Rs 1,022.8 crore (YoY)

Modern India   Q2

-Net profit at Rs 57.1 lakh versus Rs 3.2 lakh (YoY)

-Total income down 28.3 percent at Rs 16.7 crore versus Rs 23.3 crore (YoY)

IFB Industries   Q2

-Net profit up 91.4 percent at Rs 17.8 crore versus Rs 9.3 crore (YoY)

-Total income up 19.4 percent at Rs 439.4 crore versus Rs 368 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA up 50.5 percent at Rs 32.8 crore versus Rs 21.8 crore (YoY) -EBITDA margin at 7.5 percent versus 5.9 percent (YoY)

United Spirits   Q2

-Net profit up 15.9 percent at Rs 82.5 crore versus Rs 71.2 crore (YoY)

-Total income up 12.5 percent at Rs 6,038.8 crore versus Rs 5,369.9 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA down 33.8 percent at Rs 207.7 crore versus Rs 313.6 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA margin at 3.4 percent versus 5.8 percent (YoY)

Bharat Electronics   Q2

-Net profit up 68.2 percent at Rs 346.3 crore versus Rs 205.9 crore (YoY)

-Total income up 16.2 percent at Rs 1,794.6 crore versus Rs 1,545 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA up 87.4 percent at Rs 338.4 crore versus Rs 180.6 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA margin at 18.9 percent versus 11.7 percent (YoY)

Gokaldas Exports   Q2

-Net loss at Rs 27.8 crore versus profit of Rs 5 crore (YoY)

-Total income down 37.7 percent at Rs 182.7 crore versus Rs 293.1 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA loss at Rs 21.3 crore versus EBITDA profit of Rs 5.3 crore (YoY)

Shriram City Union Q2

-Net profit up 34.3 percent at Rs 204.5 crore versus Rs 152.3 crore (YoY)

-Total income up 18 percent at Rs 1,115.3 crore versus Rs 945.5 crore (YoY)

Gallantt Metal   Q2

-Net profit down 22.5 percent at Rs 7.9 crore versus Rs 10.2 crore (YoY)

-Total income down 15.5 percent at Rs 136.9 crore versus Rs 162 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA down 17.7 percent at Rs 13.5 crore versus Rs 16.4 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA margin at 9.9 percent versus 10.1 percent (YoY)

Trent   Q2

-Net profit up 7.7 percent at Rs 21.1 crore versus Rs 19.6 crore (YoY)

-Total income up 16.5 percent at Rs 448.5 crore versus Rs 384.9 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA up 7.8 percent at Rs 24.8 crore versus Rs 23 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA margin at 5.5 percent versus 6 percent (YoY)

Nelco Q2

-Net profit down 41.2 percent at Rs 1 crore versus Rs 1.7 crore (YoY)

-Total income up 12 percent at Rs 36.5 crore versus Rs 32.6 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA up 23.7 percent at Rs 4.7 crore versus Rs 3.8 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA margin at 12.9 percent versus 11.7 percent (YoY)

Bharat Gears   Q2

-Net loss at Rs 2.8 crore versus loss of Rs 0.7 crore (YoY)

-Total income down 2.2 percent at Rs 97.9 crore versus Rs 100.1 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA down 42.9 percent at Rs 3.6 crore versus Rs 6.3 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA margin at 3.7 percent versus 6.3 percent (YoY)

Inox Leisure Q2

-Net profit down 92.5 percent at Rs 1.6 crore versus Rs 21.2 crore (YoY)

-Total income down 3.4 percent at Rs 297.4 crore versus Rs 307.8 crore (YoY) -EBITDA down 51.9 percent at Rs 27.2 crore versus Rs 56.6 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA margin at 9.1 percent versus 18.4 percent (YoY)

Bajaj Finserv   Q2

-Consolidated net profit up 30.5 percent at Rs 575.8 crore versus Rs 441.1 crore (YoY) -Consolidated total income up 34.9 percent at Rs 2,999.7 crore versus Rs 2,223.8 crore (YoY)

VRL Logistics   Q2

-Net profit down 53.7 percent at Rs 13.9 crore versus Rs 30 crore (YoY)

-Total income up 5.3 percent at Rs 450 crore versus Rs 427.5 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA down 29.7 percent at Rs 49.8 crore versus Rs 70.8 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA margin at 11.1 percent versus 16.6 percent (YoY)

Castrol   Q3

-Net profit down 2.4 percent at Rs 139.8 crore versus Rs 143.2 crore (YoY)

-Total income down 2.9 percent at Rs 761.7 crore versus Rs 784.3 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA down 1.4 percent at Rs 212.9 crore versus Rs 215.9 crore (YoY) -EBITDA margin at 28 percent versus 27.5 percent (YoY)

Jubilant Life   Q2

-Net profit up 14.6 percent at Rs 144.8 crore versus Rs 126.4 crore (YoY)

-Total income down 8.9 percent at Rs 1,419.3 crore versus Rs 1,491.9 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA up 5.3 percent at Rs 340.3 crore versus Rs 323.1 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA margin at 24 percent versus 21.7 percent (YoY)

Sterlite Technologies   Q2

-Net profit up 34.6 percent at Rs 50.8 crore versus Rs 37.7 crore (QoQ)

-Total income down 8.7 percent at Rs 550.6 crore versus Rs 603.4 crore (QoQ)

-EBITDA down 11 percent at Rs 101.7 crore versus Rs 114.2 crore (QoQ)

-EBITDA margin at 18.5 percent versus 18.9 percent (QoQ)

JSW Steel   Q2

-Total income up 20.2 percent at Rs 14,420.9 crore versus Rs 11,993 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA up 65 percent at Rs 2,958.6 crore versus Rs 1,793.2 crore (YoY)

-EBITDA margin at 20.5 percent versus 15 percent (YoY)

-Net profit at Rs 726.5 crore versus Rs 56.3 crore (YoY)

Tata Steel  

-Announces equity partnership for its Canadian iron ore mines

-Signs equity partnership totalling USD 131 million with Resources Quebec & Investment Quebec

-Investment will result in 18 percent equity for Resources Quebec in company’s Canadian Mine

DCM Shriram

-Approved investment proposal worth Rs 185 crore in UP

-Approved expansion plan worth Rs 18.5 crore

Vikas Ecotech  

-Increase share capital from Rs 26 crore to Rs 32 crore

-Issue 2 crore shares of Re 1 each at a premium of Rs 16 each

-Issue 2.3 crore warrants convertible to shares of Re 1 each at a premium of Rs 16 each

JSW Steel

-Approved stock split from Rs 10 each to Re 1 each

-Approved NCDs worth Rs 2000 crore

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