International Market Update by Money CapitalHeight


GOLD $ 1291.60

SILVER $ 15.69

COPPER $ 2.65

CRUDE $ 52.52

INR 70.37

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Capitalheight Introduces New Products….

Capitalheight new product


Gold is considered as a dearest commodity for HNI traders as it gives an opportunity to earn large amount of profit due to its high volatile nature. To consider this factor we have introduced this product “GOLD 100” for HNI traders, this product is under our premium segment and only highly qualified and well trained analysts will give calls after analyzing all technical and fundamental data. In this product we will provide selected calls which are purely intraday and each call will give you 100 points.

Highlights of the product:

1. 12 calls in a month in Gold (MCX)
2. Single target of 100 points will be given
3. Risk to Reward ratio will be nearly 1:1 to 2:1
4. Proper follow ups will be provided
5. Alerts related to the segment or call would be given
6. Customer Support from 9 AM TO 6 PM


Silver is a precious metal and trader trade in this commodity with high volume. We have lunched SILVER 200 service for our premium class clients. In which services we will provide big target on based of calculated risk. This services especially for those people who prefer to do trade in calculated amounts. We have a team of the most experienced and professional staff.

Highlights of the product:

1. We provide 12 intraday calls in a month.
2. Single target of 200 points will be given.
3. Client get time to time proper follow-ups.
4. 9 Am to 6 Pm Customer Support.
5. We provide you call through SMS or company Messenger lab.

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