Infosys Announces Joint Venture with Hitachi, Panasonic and Pasona in Japan

latest shares informationInfosys announced the formation of a joint venture with Hitachi Ltd., Panasonic Corporation and Pasona Inc, strategically enhancing its presence in Japan.

Executing on its strategy to help clients navigate their digital journey, the entity formed by complementary, iconic companies coming together, will accelerate business process transformation leveraging digital procurement platforms for the local and global needs of Japanese corporations, the IT firm said.

Infosys will acquire 81 percent of the shareholding in Hitachi Procurement Service Co., Ltd., Hitachi’s fully owned subsidiary that currently handles indirect materials purchasing functions for the Hitachi Group. Hitachi, Panasonic and Pasona will be minority shareholders of the entity.

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What’s The Main Difference between Options and Futures: Share Market?

trading tipsFutures and options investing can be a high-risk business and must only be carried out with risk capital, which can’t change your lifestyle on the off chance that the speculation is lost.

About Options:

At whatever point you buy an options you aren’t prescribed to set up any edge as you are purchasing the choice on a settled cost likewise called the premium. The premium can diminish over the life expectancy of the choice when the hidden cost for the item moves towards your position or remains level. In the event that the choice isn’t practiced before the termination date, you can lose the premium that was paid, plus the seller for the option can profit from the amount paid for the premium.

About Futures:

Futures: At the same time as the premium for futures options, can waste away over time the futures agreement will not. It is possible to consider the margin on the futures agreement as earnest money which will cause you to responsible for the entire amount on the futures agreement.

Difference between Options and Future’s

1:Premium vs. margin

Options: When you buy an option you are not required to put up any margin because you are purchasing the option at a fixed price, which is also referred to as the premium. This premium can decline over the life of the option if the underlying commodity price moves against your position or remains flat. If the option isn’t exercised before expiration you will lose the premium you paid and the seller of the option will profit the amount of the premium paid.

Futures: While the premium for a futures option will waste away with time the futures contract will not. You can think of the margin on a futures contract as earnest money that will make you liable for the full amount of the futures contract. This is very risky if an offsetting position is not opened to help protect you against a negative price move.


Options: As options purchaser you are only limited to the amount of the premium that you paid for the option therefore your risk is considered to be limited.

Futures: Regardless of whether you purchase a futures contract or you sell a futures contract you are liable for more than just the initial margin you were required to put up to make the trade. This makes this type of trade risk unlimited.

3:Expiration Dates

One last notable difference between futures and options trading is the expiration date of each particular contract. If you were going to exercise an option to control the underlying futures contract you should know that this has to be delivered approximately one month before the underlying futures is set to be delivered. This is for physical delivery of the commodity and doesn’t hold true for the indices, which are not physical commodities and allows the expiration dates to be the same as the delivery dates.

As you can see there are several fundamental differences between futures and options trading with regards to technical aspects of each contract. Trading these instruments is a whole other matter in terms of trading platforms and specialized risk management techniques. Use this article as a basic primer for further studies on futures trading and see if futures and options trading are right for you.

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Infibeam Avenues go up 8% in front of board meet to mull tactical growth opportunities.

Infibeam Avenues  Share Information

Infibeam Avenues shares rallied 8 percent in morning on Thursday ahead of board meeting to consider strategic growth opportunities for the company.

“The meeting of the board of directors of the company is scheduled on December 17 to consider and approve examine and evaluate the feasibility of and options for strategic growth opportunities of the business verticals and subsidiaries of the company,” the company said in its filing.

The company has rescheduled its board meeting to December 17 from December 13 due to unforeseen circumstances of directors’ unavailability.

Consequently, the trading Window for dealing in the securities of the company will continue to remain closed for insiders of the company from December 11 to December 19, 2018.

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Motilal Oswal picks 8 large caps, 4 midcaps ahead of expected elevated volatility in 2019.

Motilal Oswal  Stock Share Tips

In the five state polls, the tide turned completely in favour of Congress indicating solid tug of war in the upcoming general elections 2019.

“One of the key takeaways from the election outcome is the strong comeback of Congress in the Hindi heartland belt, where the BJP had enjoyed unparalleled dominance for long,” Motilal Oswal said.

Congress will form government in three key states as it made strong gains in Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan and managed to form government in Madhya Pradesh with support from others. Mizo National Front won in Mizoram and TRS retained Telangana with a thumping majority.

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